Yavonne's Story

After finishing treatment, I could only think about getting back to my old self again. Being twenty-eight and single I wasn't comfortable with having to stuff one side of my bra and hope it wouldn't move in the course of the day. So having the reconstruction was the ideal thing for me.

My breast wasn't what I missed the most; it was my hair. It was pretty hilarious when it appended. It came out in clumps. I couldn't stand the anticipation of the rest coming out on its own so I called my sister and she came over and looked at me kind of solemn and we both busted up laughing. Then she shaved the remainder off. My two daughters also laughed at this hysterical event.

The funniest thing that happened to me was when my boyfriend spent the night. At that time I was wearing a wig. He'd never seen my head before. One night in bed I had one too many of my hot flashes, as my hormones were all screwed up. I took the wig off while he was asleep and I put it on my pillow. I figured if he awoke I'd put it pack on. But I fell asleep, and must have looked like a lollipop laying on a pillow. He woke up before me and he tried to play it off but I know it was shocking to him. We laughed about it later. - Yavonne