Dora & Cy's Story

While I was in the hospital shortly after
surgery, Cy's aunt was sitting by my bedside. I
remember her saying, "Whatever you do, Dora, never
let anyone see your scar, and especially never let Cy
see it." I was devastated, but Cy being a super husband
frowned on that comment. He has shared my problem with me for the past fifty-two years. - Dora

In 1942 when the surgeon called me into his
office after completing a mastectomy on Dora, he
leveled with me about the prospects for recovery. Even
Dora's mother called me aside once and said, "We
must not let Dora know that she's going to die." Her
concern was devastating to me. I knew, however, that
if it were I who faced an unpromising future Dora
would be supportive in every way possible. I promised
Dora that the operation would absolutely make no
difference to me and that we would raise our three
children together. - Cy