Andrea & Richard's Story

Andrea was deeply concerned and, at times, depressed about her appearance after the first mastectomy. Aside from empathizing, I can honestly say that I never gave that a second thought. Her breasts never had a great deal to do with my intense attraction for her. Andrea's sexiness emanates from something inherent and essential in her persona. If anything, that energy has been intensified by her struggle to survive. - Richard

It was very funny. I went to the water slides with my eleven-year- old daughter and her best friend, Max. We went down the waterfall, which pushes you up and forward. When I climbed out of the pool, I found that one of my velcroed prostheses was gone! I went over to the young lady in charge and said, "We have a problem - one of my prostheses is in the pool." She looked at me with a question on her
face - she had no idea what a prosthesis was. At that moment, Max shouted, "There it is," and sure enough, it was floating toward us on the current. He jumped in and retrieved it for me. Next time I went down the waterfall I held my "boobs." - Andrea