About The Photographer

Michael Rosen is a fine arts photographer who has been working in San Francisco since 1977. He focuses on photographing 'real people' engaged in sexual acts. His photography style ranges from high contrast and grainy to sharp, static, fine grained portraits. 

Rosen has published five books: "Sexual Magic: the S/M Photographs" in 1986, "Sexual Portaits: Photogrpahs of Radical Sexuality" in 1990, "Sexual Art: Photographs That Test the Limits" in 1994, "Lust & Romance: Rated X Fine Art Photographs" in 1998, and "Vanilla Sex: Explicit Fine Art Photographs" in 2007. The images exhibited here all come from his first three publications.

If interested in publishing or reproducing any of these or others of Rosen's images please contact the Kinsey Library at libknsy@indiana.edu.

More information about Rosen and examples of his work can be found in the Kinsey Library collection or at his personal webstie: http://www.shaynew.com/michael_rosen.com.sexual_magic.html